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X10 Financial Services offers channel partners / dealers in various supply chains quick and easy access to financing programs and options including working capital loans, extended net terms and accounts receivable schemes.

The business model uses strong data analytics, credit best practices in supply chain lending and a deep working knowledge of the distribution business to create unique liquidity programs.

Customized Solutions for Channel Partners

X10 Financial Services Limited offers project based financing and working capital financing to their channel partners

X10 Financial Services is different from other credit providers in the supply chain industry since it offers tailored solutions that are based on the special working capital needs of its customers. Our objective is to help them expand their profit margins and grow their business.

At X10, we offer a financing strategy with flexible options that can help mitigate risk, help in better management and organization of cash flows, and minimize overall costs. With financing from X10 Financial Services, your business can make use of cash to finance and support other strategic initiatives too.

Our Products

X10 Financial Services Limited works closely with its anchor clients  to help them find the right solution according to their needs. By constantly evaluating our partner relationships, we make sure to adapt and evolve to meet their business needs. The lending products offered by X10 Financial Services include Dealer Finance,  Reseller Finance and Vendor Finance.

Reseller Finance - Back to Back Transaction

Tier 2 Financing/Partner/Reseller Financing – Back to Back Transaction

how it works

Vendors/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bills to National Distributor (ND), who bills further to System Integrations (SI) on a Back to Back basis.

X10 Financial Services Limited pays the ND on day 0 and extends a loan to the SI.

Escrow account is opened as per a Tripartite Agreement between X10 Financial Services, SI and the end customer.

The payment from the end customer flows into the escrow account on due date. This account is operated jointly by X10 Financial Services and SI.

In order to secure the transaction, a post-dated cheque (PDC) is taken by X10 Financial Services from the SI.

Back to Back Transaction
Back to Back Transaction (illustration)
Reseller Finance - Stock and Sell Transaction

Tier 2/Partner/Reseller Financing-Regional Distributor Overview

how it works

ND bills to Regional Distributor (RD) on an exclusive arrangement pre-decided by the vendor/OEM

Typical transactions have cycle of 30-45 days and are done 8-10 times a year / RD

RD bills to Tier 3 category of partners who are large retailers

RD bills to 50-200 retailers, therefore the risk of RD is diversified

The RD pays X10 Financial Services before or on the loan due date

Back to Back Transaction
Vendor Financing – Tier 1 Distributors

Vendor Financing –Tier 1 Distributors

how it works

Vendor/OEM bills to National Distributor on a 45 day credit basis

Instead of the National Distributor making the payment, X-10 Finance makes the payment and extends the payable of the ND by another 45 days

On 90thday, the ND makes the payment with interest to X-10 Finance

Back to Back Transaction
VENDOR FINANCE (illustration)
Personal Loan
Loan granted for personal use with end use of funds being monitored. These loans offered are unsecured in nature. The loans offered are advanced on the basis of the borrower's credit-history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is through fixed amount instalment over a short fixed term.
Project Linked Finance Program

Financial Assistance for purchase of material from Approved distributors/OEMs pertaining to supplying for specifically approved projects by X10 risk committee.

Key Features

  • Extended Credit Period up to 150 Days from the date of Invoice
  • No Collateral
  • Customized and tailored solution
  • Funding large government and corporate projects
  • Funding projects up to 5 Cr


  • Minimum Business Vintage of 3 years
  • Past Experience of Executing the Projects with PSU and Corporates
  • Good Credit History.

How does
it works

Limit Set Up

A credit limit with an upper cap is assigned to the customer for X10 approved projects. This limit can be utilized for executing project based purchase transactions

Repayment to X10

The repayments from the end customer or the SI to be collected either directly by X10 or into an escrow account.

Invoice Payment

Payment to be made directly to the Supplier/ ND/ OEM, after confirmation from End Customer/ SI that material has been received in satisfactory condition i.e. proof of delivery to be furnished prior to funding.

Process Chart
Process Chart


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